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Mold Free Finished Basement

mold guard02

This is a scan of the actual edge of a piece of Mold-Guard drywall by Georgia Pacific. I tore it off so you can see it for yourself.

I have decided to offer a mold free version of our finished basements. We have built lots of them and it is about time to offer a mold free version.

Water in a basement almost always ends up on the floor. No matter where it comes from. Water can come from a lot of problems. Wall cracks and rod holes in poured concrete walls. Soggy cinder blocks in block walls. Non-working sump pumps. Washing machines running over. From under windows and doors. All sorts of things. Since it tries to find itís own level it always runs down to the floor. There water can gather into puddles and build up and get deeper. It usually ends up being about 1/4 inch deep. Sometimes a lot more, even knee deep or waste deep.

Just because water is on the floor, does not mean that mold is growing out of control. Mold growth takes time. The longer the time the worse the problem becomes. People that call to control the water within a couple weeks of the first occurrence can usually get away with some fans and carpet cleaning. I find a lot of people are waiting up to 3 or 4 years. That is a big problem that you donít need.

The carpet gets bad. The drywall gets bad on the bottom in the back usually. The mold gets to the wood studs and floor base molding. Sometimes the paper face on the insulation gets bad.


Here is what we will do in this new finished basement model of mold-free construction.

We will use the the GP Tough Rock , Mold-Guard Drywall on any wall that reaches the floor. We donít need it on any ceilings.

We will use 2 1/2 inch steel studs on those same walls instead of wood.

We will use paper free R-13 fiberglass insulation instead of paper covered insulation.

We will use plastic base molding instead of wood molding in the OG shape which usually matches the upstairs.

What You Have To Do.

Carpet is usually non organic so you can use it but the pad is another story. Pad is made of foam rubber. Foam rubber comes from tree sap of the rubber tree. So skip the padding. Use indoor/outdoor carpet glued down with no pad. That works. I have seen lots of people save money doing this one thing..

Paint. You can paint our Mold-Guard drywall just like any other drywall. All you have to do is to add some mold preventer to the mix in both the primer and finish coat. That way your basement can look more like upstairs instead of a house trailer with all the plastic wallpaper and joiner strips. 

Get a de-humidifier and leave it running year around. Hook up a hose to it and run it to a drain or sump pump. Mold can grow with nothing but humidity.

Get a really good furnace filter. I have a static electronic filter and it works good. You just have to remember to clean it out 2 or 3 times per year.

Get rid of everything made out of cardboard or paper. This stuff is like cotton candy to mold.

Store all of your personal items in those plastic bins. Mold will eat anything organic like clothing and books and wood statues. Anything organic.

You can do all this while you are waiting to get your basement finished.

The last thing is to call Bob @ Oakbridge Construction to get a really nice basement done on time and on budget. 586 703 0112

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